Salt Delivery

Trust Your Water Softener
to the Experts

No matter the water treatment product, Crystal Water can service and repair any brand of water softener, water filter system, or drinking water system. If you’re looking at getting better water in your home or business, we can recommend the right solution for you.

Crystal Water Softener Salt Delivery – Idaho Falls, ID and Surrounding Area

Crystal Water can take care of your salt for you, so you can avoid heavy lifting and hauling. Enjoy stress-free salt deliveries for your water softener!

We only use the cleanest salt available, so that your softener will run efficiently and dependably.

Benefits of Crystal Water
Salt Delivery

Salt Delivery Service—available for ALL brands of water softeners.

  • Get convenient, regularly scheduled salt deliveries.
  • Ensure that your system has the right type of salt.
  • Let us lug and haul those heavy salt bags.
  • Save time and hassle of buying salt.

With Crystal Water Salt Delivery, you will receive:

  • Regularly scheduled salt delivery.
  • Proper refill of your water softener salt tank with the proper grade and type of salt.
  • Regular performance and maintenance check of your water softener unit.
  • Basic maintenance to your water softener unit.

Anywhere in the Western States

Our Pneumatic Delivery Trucks can deliver up to 24 tons of high grade rock salt anywhere in the Western States.

Bulk Delivery also Available

Whether you need a pallet of bagged salt delivered locally, or an entire truck load of salt, Crystal Water has the means to deliver salt to your home or business.  Our Pneumatic Bulk Delivery trucks can come to you anywhere in the Western United States.