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Denali Whole Home Water Refining System

The Denali Whole Home Water Refining Systems are the most efficient and effective water softening, conditioning and refining system available today.  The system will soften and condition water, as well as reducing contaminants like: Chlorine, Chloramines, Volatile Organic Chemicals, Nitrates, Herbicides, Pesticides, Industrial Chemicals, and more.

This system will make your water cleaner and healthier than any other standard water softener or conditioner available.

Your Denali System incorporates patented Vortech technology, along with proportional, upflow counter-current brining to reduce water and salt usage by up to 60% over competitors water systems.

The Denali System comes in many different sizes and configurations, suited for any water treatment needs you have.  The systems are engineered and manufactured to provide high flow rates and efficiency, while still maintaining the robust dependability found in all of Crystal Water’s treatment systems.

CrossFire Water Conditioner

The CrossFire Water Conditioner is one of the most robust and advanced water softening and conditioning systems available today.

The CrossFire system incorporates blended anion/cation resin technology to produce a system that will do so much more than a standard water softener or conditioner.  Instead of just removing calcium hardness like most softeners, the CrossFire will soften water by removing calcium and magnesium, as well as removing or reducing chlorine, chlorides, sulfates, nitrates, iron, and several other contaminants from the water.

You will love the feel of your water with the CrossFire system. It makes water soft, silky and smooth without the “slimy” feeling than you get with most water softeners.

The on-demand high efficiency controls will make operating the CrossFire softener inexpensive and easy.

The system is designed and engineered to give you many years of trouble free use and enjoyment!

Cascade Softener and Filtration Products

The Cascade line of water softeners and treatment systems are designed for discerning water treatment professionals.  They come in many sizes suitable for treating water at a single tap or location, up to massive systems designed to treat thousands of gallons per minute. Cascade systems are designed with some of the highest flow rates and efficiency ratings in the water treatment industry.

These heavy duty, highly reliable systems were originally built for the extremely rugged water conditions of the Intermountain West, although they have been adopted and are being used all over the US.

At the foundation of the Cascade line up of products are the extremely popular Cascade Water Softeners, although the product line also contains treatment systems for contaminants like iron, manganese, sediment, odors, arsenic, nitrates, uranium, chlorine, and many other contaminants.

The Cascade line of products are available exclusively through authorized Crystal Water Dealers.  Talk to your Crystal Water Dealer today to have this top of the line equipment installed in your home or business or to get more information on these products.  We have the right products to solve any of your hard water, or problem water needs.